Reading Programs

In this program, your child will learn to read and will get excited about books. Students learn beginning phonics and easy sight words, and learn to read simple words and sentences. The program includes five weeks of classroom instruction led by an experienced teacher. Between the weekly lessons, your child will continue to build skills and a love of reading through interactive online instruction.

Learn Phonics

An experienced reading teacher will teach your child to match letters with the individual sounds they stand for and blend letters together to read words. Your son or daughter will also build phonics skills at home through interactive online instruction featuring reading superhero Bookman.

Learn Sight Words

Being able to recognize by sight common words, such as the and is, makes learning to read much easier and provides a big boost in confidence. Your child will learn sight words through direct instruction in class and fun online lessons and games at home.

Begin to Read

Your child will learn to sound out simple words and read short sentences in Let's Read!, our fun phonics reader. Sounding out words and reading simple sentences in these stories will reinforce skills and provide your child with a big boost in confidence. Your child will be successful reading these stories because of the online support provided by Bookman.


Love of Reading

Your child will develop a love of reading by listening to the teacher read aloud some wonderful picture books. In class, your child will also participate in comprehension-building discussions and enjoyable book enrichment activities. In addition, you'll receive four great picture books that Bookman will read aloud during the online session and that you'll enjoy reading to your child during and after the program.


The Best Books Booklist

You will also receive The Best Books Booklist, which will make it easy to select wonderful picture books for reading aloud as well as the first books that children read on their own.

Summer 2018 Priority List

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