Reading Programs

In this program students become stronger readers and better students. They double their reading speed, make substantial gains in comprehension in fiction and nonfiction, learn to read and study textbooks and other nonfiction, and enjoy reading more.

The program includes five weeks of classroom instruction led by an experienced teacher and the reading of a great juvenile novel. Between the weekly lessons, students continue to build skills through interactive online instruction.

Improve Comprehension

Students develop comprehension skills and reading speed in fiction through reading a great juvenile novel in class and at home. They learn to follow story structure, plot, and character development through lively, guided discussions in class and through comprehension skills sessions completed online at home. The gains made in comprehension and reading speed help students become skilled, enthusiastic readers.


Double Reading Speed

In this program, students double their reading speed. Students receive individualized guidance from the teacher as well as interactive online instruction to achieve an optimal reading speed that supports comprehension and concentration. As a result, students enjoy reading more and complete their schoolwork quickly and easily.


Learn to Read and Study Textbooks

Students learn the skills needed to take control of their reading in textbooks and other nonfiction. Through both in-class and online instruction, they learn how information is organized, how to identify main ideas and supporting details, and how to take notes. With these skills, students work through their textbook assignments in less time and with greater comprehension, concentration, and retention.



The Best Books Booklist

The Best Books Booklist helps students choose great novels after the program is over so they continue to develop skills and a love of reading.

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