Reading Programs

In this program, students become skilled, enthusiastic readers with strong comprehension in both fiction and nonfiction. The program includes five weeks of classroom instruction led by an experienced teacher and independent reading in two of the most enjoyable children’s novels ever written. Between the weekly lessons, your child will build skills through interactive online instruction that is tailored to your child’s reading level.

Comprehension & Fluency

Students develop comprehension skills and fluency in fiction through reading two great books in class and at home. Your child will learn to follow story structure, plot, and character development through lively, guided discussions in class and through comprehension skills sessions completed online at home. The gains made in comprehension and fluency will help your child become a strong, enthusiastic reader who is able to read and comprehend the content from all school subjects easily and successfully.

Nonfiction & Textbooks

Students learn to read and study textbooks and other nonfiction. They learn how to identify the main idea and supporting details of a nonfiction paragraph and how to comprehend and retain information in nonfiction. Your child will learn how to apply these skills to textbooks by practicing the skills in chapters from science and social studies textbooks.


Independent Reading

Your child will read and discuss two classic children’s novels in class and at home during the program. The experience of being completely absorbed in these stories provides the basis for a lifelong love of reading and is the foundation for future academic success.

The Best Books Booklist

You will also receive The Best Books Booklist and guidance from your child’s teacher on where to start in the booklist when the program is over. This will make it easy to select wonderful books at the right level of difficulty for your child.

Summer 2018 Priority List

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