Reading Programs

This course will transform your reading skills and unlock your full potential as a reader.


Read Faster

In this program you will master speed-reading techniques that enable you to double your reading speed in your most challenging material, and triple your speed in easier material. You’ll learn to apply these techniques flexibly, adjusting your reading speed to meet your needs based on the material and your purpose for reading it.


Improve Comprehension

You'll learn analytical reading techniques that help you mentally organize information and engage critically with what you read. Previewing techniques will help you identify what information is important and what's not, based on your purposes as a reader. You'll also learn the most effective ways to take notes.

When you have full understanding of the material, you will retain information longer. You'll no longer lose valuable time to unnecessary rereading.


Enjoy Reading More

When you read faster and with better comprehension and concentration, you become more deeply absorbed and find reading more enjoyable and rewarding.

Whether you want to read contemporary fiction, nonfiction, or the classics, the Lifetime Reading List will help guide you through the world of books. With more than 1,000 books listed and described, it is the most useful booklist ever developed for the general reader.
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