Reading Programs


In this class, you will have the opportunity to select, read, and discuss great works of literature from a wide variety of genres.



You'll learn a powerful approach to reading nonfiction, and gain experience applying it to a variety of engaging, thought-provoking books and other nonfiction materials.


Professional Reading

You'll learn strategies that make it easy to manage your professional reading load and stay current on the changing concepts and developments in your field.


Academic Reading

Learn how to get through dense academic materials quickly with strong comprehension. Stay on top of your coursework and be a highly successful student.


The Lifetime Reading List

With more than 1,000 books listed and described, the Lifetime Reading List is the most useful booklist ever developed for the general reader. With a wide variety of genres, it will serve as your guide for years to come./Portals/Classroom2/Images/LifetimeReadingList/index.html View Introduction and Table of Contents.


Program Guide

With directions for home practice and a clear explanation of every technique taught in the program, the Program Guide will help you make the most of the skills you learn, both during and after the course.

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