Reading Programs

Hear what students have to say about the program.

" After taking this class, my reading speed has doubled...and I find reading textbooks and nonfiction works much easier."

" Before I took this class, I really didn't get into books that much. Now I really get into books."

"My enjoyment of reading has definitely grown, so it's been a good class for me. "

" Reading faster gives me more time to think about what happened and understand it more clearly."

"This class has already improved my schoolwork because I have more time to do other activities and other homework assignments."

Hear what parents have to say about the program.

"I noticed that Hannah is a lot more confident. For her to keep up and feel like she's in with the rest of the pack is very important. "

" The amount of time that he spends now [on homework] is less, but he's getting more out of it. ."

"The most important thing is that he knows that he can do it. He has the ability to sustain reading and he has good comprehension. "

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