Reading Programs

In this program, your child will learn phonics skills and sight words through instruction that is tailored to your child’s reading level. Students learn to read independently and develop the confidence and excitement about reading that will make first grade a big success.

The program includes five weeks of classroom instruction led by an experienced teacher and independent reading in some of the best books for beginning readers. Between the weekly lessons, your child will continue to build skills through interactive online instruction customized to your child’s reading level.

Learn Phonics

Your child will learn how to blend letters together to read words through in-class phonics instruction. At home, children build phonics skills through interactive online lessons that are customized to their reading level. Fun instruction and activities provide the repetition your child needs to build a strong foundation in phonics.

Learn Sight Words

Your child will learn the most common sight words through in-class instruction and through engaging interactive online lessons and games that are customized to your child’s reading level. Learning to recognize by sight the most common words, such as that, was, and do, makes learning to read much easier.


Independent Reading

Your child will read nine wonderful first-grade books in class and at home during the program, including four take-home books that are yours to keep. Reading these books successfully will give your child great practice with first-grade phonics and sight words and will provide a big head start on first grade.

Develop Comprehension

In class, your child will participate in comprehension-building discussions and will learn to recognize story structure, identify with characters, and follow events. At home, your child will continue to build skills through interactive lessons that provide comprehension instruction and build motivation to read.


Love of Reading

In this program your child will develop a love of books and reading. In each class, the teacher reads aloud from wonderful picture books and leads comprehension-building discussions and enrichment activities that foster a love of reading. This positive experience with books will motivate your child to learn to read.


The Best Books Booklist

You will also receive The Best Books Booklist and guidance from your child’s teacher on where to start in the booklist when the program is over. This will make it easy to select wonderful books at the right level of difficulty for your child.

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